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Learn The Language you Want To Be Fluent in

English Books

Cross Borders With Us

Indrakshi Academy school of Languages aims to support everyone who wants to learn or improve their English by providing a corporate training course in Whitefield Bangalore. We can facilitate lessons at your comfort at home, company or meet you online and help you prepare for English (exams) at any level. Contact us for individual Language support, for training or any other language related service.

We also offer support to the primary school, high school, and university students to help them for the preparation of their language subjects


Our flexible programs values the first come first served system, to save the time of our customers and meet their expectations and needs.

An unforgettable Experience

Studying language with us, is much more than taking classes. You meet native speakers, Learn about their culture their story and acquire and real life experience about different aspect of the language.

Students centered

Students or corporate are the center of our Business. Our professors are trained in different methodologies to respond to the learning needs of each one of our students.

We are International

You have the chance to meet foreigners and have a lifetime network and experience.

Courses We Offers

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